About FPC

The club was started in 1929 and has not hosted polo since the mid-1970’s. It has been used over the years for a variety of equestrian competitions, most notably the Children’s Services Horse Show, run by a former owner and trainer, Hugh Kerrigan. As of 2017, we are re-launching polo here at Farmington Polo Club!

History of Polo: Timeline

  • 600 B.C. ⇢ First record of polo (Persia and China)
  • 1859 ⇢ Silchar Polo Club becomes the first polo club, founded by British officers stations in India
  • 1876 ⇢ Westchester Polo Club becomes the first polo club in the U.S.
  • 1888 ⇢ The handicap system is created in the U.S.
  • 1890 ⇢ The United States Polo Association is created.
  • 1900-1939 ⇢ Polo is played in the Olympics
  • 1904 ⇢ First U.S. Open is played
  • 1915 ⇢ The Indoor Polo Association is created
  • 1940s ⇢ Polo starts to grow in the American west, Texas in particular
  • 1973 ⇢ The first women are assigned handicaps
  • 1982 ⇢ The Federation of International Polo is created to assist in bringing polo back to the Olympics
  • 1994 ⇢ Certification of professional umpires is brought to polo
  • 2014 ⇢ Introduction of women’s handicaps for the development of women’s polo
  • 2016 ⇢ A set of international rules is created to maintain a level playing field for high-goal polo.